IRON TOUGH FITNESS is a combination of power, resistance and weight training. Designed for those who want an extra KICK in their workout. Using free weights, dumbbells, simple equipment (i.e. bench, mats, kettle bells) and body weight, we tone your muscles and shed body fat at the same time. Our goal is to assist those that want to live a healthy and more fulfilling life through physical training. Let's us help you become IRON TOUGH!

Bio: US Navy sailor for 6 years as a Logistics Specialist. While I served, I was appointed to be my unit fitness coordinator for 2 years. And being the son of a professional body builder, my desire for physical training grew larger. After my naval career I earned my CPT certificate and my Advanced Nutrition Specialist Certification . Shortly after I began running a small class that has grown to what is now IRON TOUGH FITNESS! I love fitness and I am willing to help anyone become a better person through healthy eating and exercise.